Lincoln Log Homes – Worthy Of Pride

For once you must have asked yourself why Lincoln log homes are the most popular type of home? And why most people really dreamed of building and owning Lincoln log homes? Well, the Lincoln log homes are considered to be one of the best methods of transforming the conventional type of home to a good looking and functional one. So, let talk about the origin of the Lincoln log homes.

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The Lincoln log homes were first founded by Garland Faw in 1977. The Lincoln log homes then become the largest log home network in the whole cosmos after the first introduction. Because of its popularity, one of the most renowned national magazines dedicated its full color cover and several full color pages in praising the invention of the pre-constructed log wall. It appeared in the January issue of Mechanics which is illustrated in the year 1982.

From then, many people appreciate the beauty of the Lincoln log homes and for them the introduction of log homes create an attractive option lifestyle and at les cost than the traditional type of housing. The homes are also stronger than the steel housing.

Lincoln Log Homes - Worthy Of Pride_.png

The advantage of the Lincoln log homes is the home is energy efficient. Because the Wood log that made up the Lincoln log homes is considered to be one of the most dynamic protective materials that the people ever know. So, the house will be cool in the summer and easy to heat in the winter. The Lincoln log homes are also noted for being cost efficient and with rustic beauty. Cause the house can be completed easily and quickly. The homes also provide rustic beauty in the sense that each of the Lincoln log homes will go harmoniously with the essence of the natural.

The Lincoln log homes highlights logs with machine sever horizontal peripheries and corner joints. The homes will be almost free maintenance cause no need for painting, scraping, priming or remodeling on the outside. The natural color is already attractive.