Can I Install My Window Coverings Myself

Before answering that question, first you need to know what are you installing. If it’s horizontal blinds you could probably install that by yourself. But if it;s vertical blinds or draperies, you might need a professional to do that. Professional installer know how to install the blinds even if there’s something wrong, they have knowledge to overcome that and get the job done. Time is important thing to consider.

Can I Install My Window Coverings Myself

Then do you plan to measure your windows by yourself? If you can;t do it by yourself, then most likely you will need to hire someone to do that for you. If you use a service company to install your window cover, then measuring your windows will be free of charge. But if you want to learn it and do it by yourself, you need to prepare some tools such as  brackets, screws, clips (for hanging the valance), center support and any string or extra attachments to hang the window coverings (mostly they are include in package) also you need some extra tools like drill, hex-head driver, drill bit, tape measure, extra screws, hollow wall anchors, pliers, screwdriver and hammer.

Can I Install My Window Coverings Myself_

Maybe you won’t use all of them but having a preparation is better than having a hard time later. It will save you a trip to hardware store. Maybe you will need other things to depend on what you are installing it too. For example if you are installing them into plaster, then you will need an anchor for additional support. Of if you want to install them in concrete, then you will need masonry drill bit and hammer drill. You don’t need anything else if you are installing it in wood.

Most manufactures will include the installation instructions in the package. Even if they don’t include that, you can just simply ask and they will explain the process to you. Hope this article will help you whether you install your window coverings by yourself or with a hand from professional.